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Laser Technology Studies at San Jose City College

Spring 2020 Course Offerings

1. Laser 100 Laser Fundamentals and Performance Tests
Students study the principles of photonics and learn the techniques and skills typically performed by an entry-level laser/electro-optics technician. Topics covered include optics and laser principles, laser performance analysis, and Good Laser Lab and Manufacturing Practices GLLMP). LASER 100 is the introductory course leading to
certificates and an AS Degree/certificates in Laser Technology.
Pre-requisite: None. Also, you can challenge Laser 100 and earn credit by exam only. 
2. LASER-102 Intermediate Laser Technology
Students learn the fundamentals of solid-state laser technology and introductory theory of pulsed laser systems. Students also learn nonlinear optics, harmonics generation, and principles for q-switching. This class is one of the required courses leading to certificates and an AS degree in Laser Technology. Pre-requisite: Laser 100. 

3. LASER-103 Advanced Laser Technology
Students study in-depth theory and treatment of pulsed and solid-state lasers. Students will learn to assemble, troubleshoot, repair, and characterize a simple laser for optimal performance and determine laser and laser analyzer tolerances to establish their scopes and limitations. Pre-requisite: Laser 100 

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Sydney Sukuta, Ph.D.
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 Excerpts from Testimonials

 Entering the job market

"..... helped me understand lasers in almost a "math-free" way." Anh T.

"Even without previous experience, the skills gained in the Laser Lab provided evidence to my employers that I am qualified to perform the duties expected of Laser Technicians." Tony N

".... I believe that all my hard work at SJCC was impressive enough to get the position despite of the fact that I still lacked experience." Danop R.

 Incumbents Increasing Self and Laser Employer Value

"I was able give constructive feedback on how to improve laser quality and performance and our pass yield increased." Juan L.

 "As soon as I graduated from City College, I was promoted to a laser technician." Yassin M.

 "The laser coursework at SJCC has helped me better understand the ophthalmic laser systems/products I am currently working on." Patrick T.

"Within 1 yr after I enrolled to the program, I was promoted to junior level engineer." June A.

 "My moment of revelation came as I was talking to an engineer at work one day. He was using all the big words that would have lost me earlier, however due to Sydney's class, I was able to converse with him more intelligently." Peter J.               


 Switching to a Laser Tech Career

"This Laser curriculum at San Jose City College is an intense, but fun program that is great for satisfying a general curiosity about lasers and electro-optics or for facilitating a major career change." Alice C.

"Thanks to the SJCC Laser Technology Program and Dr. Sukuta I was able to turn my life around and get a job as a technician in a startup company working on a laser-based machine called a molecular analyzer." Brian S.

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For more information contact
Sydney Sukuta, Ph.D.