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LaserPronet Laser Tech Certifications On-Demand!!
Available 24/7/365 @

1.     Certificate of Achievement 1: Laser Fundamentals
 and Performance
LP 1.1 Laser Optical Principles
LP 1.2 Laser Fundamentals
LP 1.3 Laser Performance
2.     Certificate of Achievement 3: Solid State Lasers and
their Common Problems
LP 3.1 Laser Pumps, Crystals and Amplifiers
LP 3.2 Solid State Laser Resonators, Q-switching & Harmonics
LP 3.3 Laser Head/Resonator and Systems Alignment
Each certificate for less than the cost of a night on the town!
Without the benefit of our courses just one employee’s single blunder could cost your business more than the price of one of our courses or even millions in revenue.
Ø  One course cost is less than the price of a new laser rod!

Available 24/7/365 @